Friday, April 25, 2008

My first job!

So I have my first requested job to do! My grandmother called me the other night and my cousin is graduating high school in a few weeks and she wants me to put together a scrapbook for him of his high school experience! She is even going to pay me for supplies and time! (I know its my grandma, but its a start I keep telling her to get me some work to do!) It will be a rather quick and simple book as it is primarily going to contain the newspaper articles from his races. He runs track and is VERY good so he makes the newspaper A LOT!! I am also hoping to be able to work some pictures and events into it for him as well. Hopefully she gets the stuff I need soon so I can get working on it for him! I will share when I have the finished product!

It is a GLOOMY rainy day today! At this moment the rain is coming down VERY hard! I took a picture of the Lilac bush in my yard again the other day and I have decided I am going to do a LO about that darn bush! While it is very pretty and fragrant when it blooms, it is my WORST enemy as I am VERY allergic to the darn thing!! In the next couple weeks I am going to be SOOO incredibly miserable!! I am already starting to have allergy issues, so its time to break out my BEST FRIEND Claritin-D!!!! So here is a picture of the bush this week, I figure I will take a picture every week till the leaves are fully in.

I am SOOO excited I was playing with my camera yesterday and I NEVER realized when I was using my zoom I was never zooming in as far as it could go!! Do you believe the 8 months I've had my camera and I was missing out on the full zoom capabilities!! I was SOOO excited as the boys love to go into the courtyard and play in these trees and I never could get a good close up till now!! :) The little things that bring me joy!

What is up with BLOGGER today???? I can't change fonts either!!!
AH!! I FINALLY was able to add the pictures!

Well on to other things!




Tracy Lathrop said...

I absolutely LOVE Lilacs!!! That sucks that you are so darn allergic to them!! I can't wait to actually see a photo of it in full bloom! That is very exciting to have your first job and hey it counts no matter who you are doing the book for!

marcibun said...

Yay, have fun with the album! I'm sure you'll do a great job - don't forget to use archival mist on the clippings!

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