Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Back!!

The last month and a half has just been an out of control roller coaster ride! I'll give a quick long story short. My grandfather was admitting to the hospital on January 12th and after a L O N G roller coaster ride it was discovered that my grandfather has an EXTREMELY rare form of cancer and most cases aren't discovered till post mortem! It is VERY aggressive and quick moving so he was started on an a VERY aggressive form of chemo and after some ups and downs came home last week! Yesterday started round 2 of chemo and so far he is doing good! I'm SOOO relieved to think he may actually be OK and beat this! His strength is INCREDIBLE and SOOO inspiring! So I have just been an emotional wreck and at the hospital a lot!

I finally started to get my creative groove back 2 weekends ago I participated in an online crop and it really helped motivate me to create! I had a LOT of fun and its a great new hang out I have, so you should stop by and check out Paper Popsicles! I won the Sunday prize from them which was an awesome prize pack shown below! I also won a contest they had on their blog and I just got this kit from them today!

And at my other scrappy hang out Dixie Pieces they are going to be having another online crop February 27th- March 1st!! So make sure you come and join in on all the fun there! And their kit this month is just SOOOO AWESOME I could not wait to get my hands on it!! It is SOOO awesome for all of you needing stuff for boy LO's!! Here is the picture, which by the way does NOT do it justice at all!! It is SOOO YUMMY in real life!!

So let's see I need to show some of my latest creations! I'll start with the 110 candy bars I made for my step dad's surprise 50th birthday party!

Yes I know there's a typo on the back that got past 2 sets of eyes! LOL!! I MUST remember to use spell check even though I have had it proof read! LOL!!

Next I made him a scrapbook of his life over the years and then we had another book that people could write their favorite memory, funny story or something else special that they would like to share about him! And YES I did have him crying like a baby with these items!

OK and for the Paper Popsicles crop I made the following LO's and the last is a door hanger heart that there was a tutorial on how to do. SUPER easy and VERY fun to make!

So I think I am FINALLY going to be able to make the changes I have been wanting to do to my blog for a WHILE now! So if it looks different you know I succeeded if not well I just can't figure it out! LOL!!

I will be spending a nice L O N G day at Hannah's on Saturday scrapping my little heart out! I can NOT wait!! Sick or not I will be there!! (Yes our house has been attacked with this NASTY virus that is going around and it has made its way to me now too!) And one of the BEST parts is hubby gave me money to spend there as my Valentine's Day gift! : ) And speaking of Valentine's Day look at these YUMMY cupcakes the boys and I made!

Well I think this post has become LONG enough! I am off to try and make the blog pretty now! Wish me luck!



marcibun said...

Wow, Melissa sent you some AWESOME goodies!

I love the projects you've posted, especially the 50th B-day stuff. Those chocolate bar wrappers turned out really, really cool.

Have fun at Hannah's this weekend!

Tracy Lathrop said...

Hey Girl!! I have missed you!! I am going to Hannah's this Friday night for the crop and can't wait to see what new they have got in!! I am so happy to hear that your Grandfather is doing better! I think of him daily and say a prayer that he will continue to improve. I will also be at Craft Fancy on Saturday the 7th for an all day Sis Crop so if you need a place to get out to for awhile stop by or even better if you don't have anything going on join me!! Talk to you soon.

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