Tuesday, July 1, 2008

STILL Waiting!!!!

Can I just say the suspense is KILLING me!!! I am like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning to come! The voting for Design Team at Hannah's ended on Sunday, so now I am just waiting to hear the results!

Well I have been too busy/tired this weekend to get any scrapping time in! : ( But we have been busy making "scrapbook moments"! I have a TON of new pictures to be downloaded, edited, printed! We renewed our membership to the Brookfield zoo, so we went on Sunday and had a good time till it started to rain and get chilly! The boys were SOO excited to go to the zoo and see all the animals in real life! They both said their favorite animal was the rhinoceros! He was very close to the edge and walking around, which they loved! Then as were taking out last potty break before we went home dh surprised the boys and bought them each a stuffed snake! They loved them SO much they slept with them in the car on the way home!

Yesterday we went to IKEA with one of my friends and her little boy, and I got a REAL TREAT!! IKEA has a kid's play area that kids between a certain height can play in for 1 hour for FREE! I had heard about it from my neighbor, but NEVER let the boys go in. Well we walked in right behind a family going there and they heard and wanted to go too! After making sure Nicholas was going to be big enough I asked the boys if they really wanted to do it and told them I would not be there. They could care less about me!! They NEVER looked back once they were told they could go! I was sad they didn't even say goodbye to me! But let me tell you 1 hour of shopping without them was UNBELIEVABLE!!! I NEVER get to shop child FREE so this was a treat!! 1 hour goes a lot FASTER than you would think! I was worried about them not wanting to leave and giving the ladies a hard time, but they came right out and were good! They LOVED getting to jump into the ball pit! They did confess that they got in trouble for throwing the balls! Gotta love the honesty! And I was informed Joseph went potty while there. I am SURE it was just to check out the bathroom! He takes after my grandfather and wants to go potty in EVERY store we go to!! Annoying! But I have figured out that is his game and I don't allow him to go in EVERY store now, and knock on wood he hasn't had an accident from not going either!

And lastly some eye candy. Here is one of my LO's I was working on last week and finally got a picture taken of it! The other one I did last week I have decided to enter into the Guest Design Team contest at Back Porch Memories, so you'll have to go there and find it in the August Guest Design Team folder. You'll NEVER believe its mine!! Its a girl LO!!! I used a picture of my niece Susan when she was in for a visit in April! ARGH!!!! I just went to retake one of the pics as it didn't come out well and now my LESS than 1 year old camera isn't working!!! It turned on the lens came out and turned off!!! I just put new batteries in, but tried new just in case!! NO LUCK!! So now the lens is out and the camera won't turn on!!!! Its ALWAYS something!!! Now I hope I can get this figured out!! So here is the bad unedited pic and hopefully I can fix my camera problem now!!!



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