Thursday, July 3, 2008

This SUCKS!!!

So last year my camera broke in May and I had to wait till the end of July to get a new one! It sucked having to use a disposable till I could get a new one, and even WORSE was the 4th of July without a camera!! When I finally did get a new camera it was the BEST!!! LOVED EVERYTHING about it!! So now fast forward to present day, 4th of July fast approaching and thinking of all the GREAT shots I am going to get this year FINALLY!! Right? WRONG!!! My camera BROKE!!!! I was devastated when I got the message from Kodak saying you will need to send your camera in for repairs! Then it is just under the 1 year warranty (thank god!) but I need a receipt for proof-darn I don't have that!! But wait I did buy it online at Best Buy...hmmm...maybe...YES they keep your transactions online for 1 year!!! :) Now I am happy and sad at the same time! I have to send my camera in to Kodak for repair that SHOULD be covered, but now I am without a camera for 2 WEEKS!!! ARGH!!! What is a scrapper to do without a camera?? SO many things going on the next couple days and I have to go buy some nasty disposables if I want to capture the moments at all!! This SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS!!! So NO pics from me for a while! :( And last night I found 4 LO's I NEVER took pics of and posted, plus I should be finished in a couple days with a project I am working on and I can't wait to share it with you guys!!! Did I mention that this SUCKS??? LOL, well sort of!

Tonight we are taking the boys to see their first Schaumburg Flyers baseball game (they are a Northern league professional baseball team minutes from my house) they will be having fireworks after the game which the boys are going to love! Then tomorrow is the BIG ONE!! We are HUGE Chicago White Sox fans in our house, so we will be going to the game tomorrow night and seeing fireworks tomorrow too! This will be the boys second White Sox game and they have been asking dh everyday since baseball began when are we going! We had told them we needed to buy tickets and we don't have any tickets to go yet, so they always tell us that THEY have tickets to go! Yesterday was SO cute as they were playing with their cars and saying that their cars had tickets to go to the White Sox game so they were going to the game! They have NO idea about either baseball game yet, so it will be exciting to see their faces light up with joy!

Saturday I believe the plan is to go up to my parent's condo for fireworks on the lake, which is ALWAYS fun!

No I STILL don't have any idea about Hannah's Design Team. STILL WAITING!

Have a Great 4th Everyone and see you next week...unless I hear some news before then!

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marcibun said...

That does suck. I had a Kodak a few years ago - I took it up for my trip to Canada, it was my first visit back in 5 years after moving down here and it broke on my 2nd day there! I was pretty mad.

Still no word on the contest winner - I have emailed Dana to ask her who it is so I can announce it. If they don't have a name for me I'll go into the store and count the ballots myself.

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