Friday, January 9, 2009

H O L Y COW!!!!

I can't believe how L O N G it has been since I have last updated!!!! YIKES!!! But that also goes with the fact that I was crazy busy this holiday season! I made 2 calendars for Christmas gifts, I framed a LO for a gift, altered a soap pump and bathroom cup, made an online photo book, and some ornaments! And I am SOOOO disappointed in myself for not taking pictures of the things I made.

This is the soap pump and cup I altered and the "sprigs" in the cup didn't quite turn out the way I wanted- I needed more I think.

OK now I started this on the 9th and never finished, so here I am on the 22nd and I WILL get this posted!!! After I began this I added another set of projects to my then empty list! I have been making 110 wrapped candy bars and then I am working on an "old school" digital scrapbook for a gift and my deadline is SATURDAY!!! Am I near done-NO! I would say I am 75%, but ummm yeah today is Thursday!! YIKES!!! So I gonna keep this kind of short and sweet and get back to my work! I will post a pic of the candy bars next week as I'm not finished with the back yet!

So a quick update on life I am busy with the projects I mentioned above, I am EMBARRASSED to say I STILL haven't had the time or energy to finish taking down my Christmas tree (hangs head in shame!), I need to get down to my scrap space and clean that up and use all my new organization stuff, my new Cricut Expression broke, but never fear a replacement is here!! : ) Last Monday my grandfather was taken into the hospital and is still in and they don't know what is wrong with him-what a roller coaster ride! He had emergency surgery on my birthday Tuesday-he came out of that OK, but still isn't doing good and they don't know what it is still! I did do some AWESOME shopping though! I made out at Kohl's and got a dress that was $60.00 for $10.00, jammie pants for $2.90, jammie top for $6.00, and night gown for $3.60!! Then I went to Carter's and the most expensive thing I bought was $3.59!!!! I went to Osh Kosh and got Christmas sweaters and shirts for the boys for next year and paid $5.00 a piece! And then the MOST AWESOME of deals was Children's Place I got 50% off of clearance prices + another 15% off and then save another $10.00 off of my purchase! So for $76.00 I got 2 winter coats, 2 sweaters, 2 turtlenecks, 2 pairs of jammies, 2 fleece pants, 2 fleece tops, 2 hats, 2 long sleeve shirts and a pair of corduroys!! I just have to share some of my goodies!!

We are still buried in LOTS of snow here! I wish winter was over, but it has just begun! I MISS summer!!! Its been another ROUGH winter! I have to show our last snow storm created a drift that hangs over my front porch and the winter sun shines right on it causing the melt/freeze process so the first picture is the first death icicle that formed and then there's the avalanche that happened followed by a picture just now of the MANY icicles hanging and melting today! I warn everyone to stay away from my front porch as it is a death trap! LOL!

Well the pics are ALL out of order I don't know why its happening, but you get the picture! LOL!

Well back to work for me time's a ticking and I've got to get finished!

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