Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Talk about NEGLECT!!!

It has been SOOOOOOOOO long I actually forgot my password!!  8O  But alas all is reset and I am back on!  Since we are having such a SUPER rainy summer I am thinking it may be time to break out the scrappy supplies and get creative!  Just waiting to get my scrappy space back, we flooded and have yet to get the carpet put back in down there, but the carpet man is coming tomorrow to measure and in a week from then we should have new carpet and then we can put everything back downstairs!  : )  I also get to paint the basement too-not that I mind the color down there now but I would like just a slightly different shade down there. So it will be another room that we make all ours!  : )  My poor scrappy stuff REALLY wants to go back to its home-piled in the corner of the living room is dangerous!

Thanks For Visiting!