Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I CAN'T believe...

today is the LAST day of June!!! Where did time go??? One month of summer GONE!! NOT that we have had much of a summer!! It was 65 degrees and cloudy with some sprinkles today! YUCK!!

We had a blast today at my friend's house with her little boy who just turned 2 a couple weeks ago. He was SOO strong he could push Joseph through the house on his ride on toy!

We also went to the park, its hard to believe how grown up the boys are becoming and Vincent wanted to do EVERYTHING they did! LOL!! The boys also had fun pushing Vincent in a push car he got for his birthday! Joseph was having fun yesterday pushing the little girl next door around in her pink one. He REALLY loves taking care of the little ones!

Today was deadline day for challenges and I managed to get some finished, but because it was so late the pics are HORRIBLE so I will retake them and post that tomorrow! Here are a couple cards I made as well as a gist I gave to my friend today as a house warming gift!

Isn't the house the cutest? One side is for Spring summer and the reverse is winter. I almost didn't want to give it up!

OK blogger is misbehaving AGAIN so my pics are stuck at the top, hopefully I can fix that tomorrow! ARGH!!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Has Anyone Seen...

my mojo???? I FINALLY had a chance to go scrapping last night with my friend and what happens????? My mojo was SOOOOO FAR away I just couldn't find it!! : ( And of course as I expected as the night came to a close I FINALLY started to find the mojo! So my night out that was suppose to be VERY productive enfed up beng NOT productive!! I was SO disappointed, but regardless it was a FUN night out, and Robin it ALL comes back to the .....! LOL!!

I worked all day and then took the boys outside when I got home and it was WAY TOO windy to take pics so you'll have to wait to see my latest! ; )

Well have a good one, and DON'T forget the end of the month is QUICKLY coming so get your challenges done and posted! Good Luck!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Now this is more like it!!

I was finally feeling well enough to go outside with the boys today and we got to enjoy the AWESOME summer weather!! Just look!!

On the scrapping front Melissa at Paper Popsicles has revealed the July kits today!! Just look!!!

This one is mine!!!

Now don't you just HAVE TO have these???!!! You KNOW you do!

Well I better get to bed so I continue to get better!

Good Night!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Its Wednesday!!!

And that means another AWESOME card challenge at Paper Popsicles blog!! Its another GREAT sketch!

Since I was sick and under the weather I never posted my card for last week so here's my take on it.

And don't forget there's STILL TIME to apply for the July guest design team spot at Paper Popsicles! TRUST me you WANT to play with some of the July goodies!!! ; ) Here's the info:
From now on, we’re going to hold open auditions for our Monthly Guest Designer position…

Interested??? Here is what you will need to do to be the July guest designer:

You'll need to supply your contact information to the paperpopsicles@gmail.com mailbox so we know you are interested.
You need to be active on the board….so get chatting…we want to see what you are all about….

You need to be active in the gallery….show us your stuff….leave some love...

You need to participate in at least two of the challenges issued during the month or one challenge and one how-to class….the challenge girls and Stacey offer you a wide variety of challenges that something is bound to spark your interest…

Once you have completed these...post your creations in the gallery and link them back to the challenge/class thread and kick me a message to the paperpopsicles@gmail.com mailbox so I know you are done…

You have until the last day of the month to complete these steps if you would like to be considered. So...what are you waiting for....get busy!!!

For our July Guest designer spot…you’ll have to get your information completed and into the mail box by June 30, 2009. We are accepting applicants from the U.S. & Canada at this time.

The winner will be selected from those that satisfy the requirements and contacted.

The lucky selected individual will receive:

* Awesome supplies to work with in early June.
* A special Guest designer designation under your name...
* A special spot in the gallery to post your work...

So I hope you all apply!

In other news I just received one of those FANTASTIC e-mails today!!! So stayed tuned for more news to come about that! ; )

Well I'm starting to feel a little better but I'm not gonna push it so I think its off to my hot tea and to bed soon for me!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I wish....

...I felt better!! But I don't! I mustered up enough energy to do a quick post, but my head feels like its gonna explode!! I HATE being sick!! And I have been anxiously waiting for the heat to come and we FINALLY get some while our home is under quarantine, and by Sunday the temps will be back in the 70's oh joy! Because you know that's when we will be healthy AGAIN!! LOL!!

Well my NyQuil is kicking in time for bed!

Good Night!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Mail Day!!!

Isn't it lovely??!! It is one of the Maya Road Warehouse sale boxes! And yes they still have more available, which is a sign of the times as the last time they offered one it sold out in a day! And I was SOOOO sad I missed out on it! So NOT this time! : ) I was really surprised by how much was in the box and all the tins of product! I can't wait to play!

Well I feel like garbage today and the boys are sick of being in the house and want to go play outside with their friends and AREN'T napping today!!! ARGH!!! I just want to take a a nap and it looks like it won't be happening!

Well I need to go and see what son #2 is doing now!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

to all the dads today!!!

We spent the day at home as Joseph started running a fever yesterday and I am not feeling good today either! Just dh left to catch this virus now! And if we were going to go somewhere we would have taken my car, and guess what?? We decided to run and get some lunch AND MY CAR WON'T START!!!!!! It sounds like my starter went! ALWAYS something isn't it??!! Now more money to be spent to get me up and running AGIN! YIKES!!

I hope everyone else had a better Father's Day then I did!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

I HATE this weather!!!

The day started with rain in the wee hours of the morning continued through the afternoon and then the sun came out and it looked beautiful and then quickly turned to this AGAIN!!

I had a river in my backyard this morning!! My mom and a couple of my friends had flooding and unfortunately one person's craft room was destroyed!! : ( I am lucky and THANKFUL we were dry (I scrap in the "dungeon" and have stuff ALL over the floor right now! YIKES!!)

So I did manage to sneak outside and grab a pick of this card in the sun today!
Head on over to Paper Popsicles Message Board and look in Tips and Techniques to see a tutorial about it!

And speaking of Paper Popsicles I have been hard at work on my July kit and CAN'T wait to share it with you!! : ) Oh yeah and Melissa has just added a TON of new images!! Just look at a few of these cuties!

Now don't you just want to go play with these!!??

So I got caught up in working on my July kit last night I never finished this post. OOPS!

Well I need to go get a couple things done and turn in for the night!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ain't that the way it ALWAYS goes??!!

So knock on wood we have been really healthy here and illness free for a long time. So today the FIRST day we have REAL summer weather what do I get to do with my day?? Sit in the Dr's office! ARGH!! We had to wait a LONG time to see the Dr which is not normal for our Dr, and then once we saw her she said she wanted to run a strep test so we had to wait again for the results of that-negative, then we had to wait AGAIN for the results from the flu test-negative. So its good he doesn't have any of those things, but he still has a high fever and says his throat hurts really bad! : ( Doc says its viral unless some other symptoms develop and we just have to wait it out! So my poor freezing baby came home put his jammies on and took a nap. And he cried a couple times during nap and I went up to check on him and it was reminiscent of when he was a baby and...that was just him poor baby! He doesn't like to sleep with a pillow and he sounds like he is draining and choking on it. So any how my little trooper he doesn't feel good and he got to spend the day like this

And would get up to play a little bit every so often.

So I need to get back to ordering my online pics before my credits expire! And hopefully tomorrow my little guy will be feeling better so we can finish up our Father's Day things we need to do!

Well I better finish up and get to bed in case its a long one again!


Take 2!!

So I started a post earlier and my computer froze up and then as it was restarting my little Nicholas woke up crying and burning up! Turns out he had a fever of 103.6 and said his throat and tummy hurt! After a call to Dr. we started a Motrin/Tylenol combo to try and bring the fever down and then we'll be going in the morning to see the Dr. to find out what we have! I feel SOOO bad for him and he has woken up crying a couple times already tonight! : (

So back to the regularly scheduled post! Its time for a new challenge on the Paper Popsicles blog and its a sketch!

Complete the challenge and use the Mr. Linky on the post to upload your card and YOU may be the winner of the $10.00 Paper Popsicles gift certificate!!! And I heard from a little birdie that the store is expecting New Basic Grey and Sassafrass Lass stuff!!! : ) So hurry up and take the challenge!

Well I better get off to bed as I feel its going to one of those nights that I don't get a lot of sleep!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 2!!!!

I'm doing so far so good!

Here is a new LO I made with the June Sketch at Dixie Pieces. It is a gift for my Aunt and cousin Heather and the pp is called Princess Heather by Cherry Arte! I just HAD to do a page for her with it when I found it in the store at Paper Popsicles.

Today we actually had some warm weather and the boys were able to play outside with their friends in the pool and the 3 person slip and slide!! Here are some fun pics from our day!



Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Challenge!!

So one of the monthly challenges over at Dixie Pieces this month is to post a blog entry 10 of the next 15 days! So let's see if I can do it!!
As we all know my blog posts go in spurts, but this may help get me on the right track!

Another one of their challenges is to take pictures from a different angle. And the day I read this on the board we went to the park with our friends and Joseph out of the blue lays down on the sidewalk so I stood above him and was able to take these pics!

And I just LOVE this pic of the 3 boys walking togehter!

Well off to bed for me and another post tomorrow! ; )


Saturday, June 13, 2009

So where did this week go????

I tell you I honestly can't imagine where this week has gone!! I am SOO behind in everything lately and I'm truly the day late and dollar short with things too!

Oh well!!

So I never posted it on time, but here is my entry for the Paper Popsicles card challenge last week.

And here is the info for this week's challenge.
This week I encourage you to create a masculine card for that special man in your life. It can be for Father's Day, birthday, or any other celebration you select. Just make it masculine. This sounds like an easy task, but for me I struggle. I have to resist the urge to "bling" up the card with rhinestones, glitter, flowers, etc. Here is the card challenge:

1. create a masculine card

2. complete the inside

3. Have fun!

Don't forget you have till Tuesday night and go to the Paper Popsicles blog to submit your entry.

So I had a blast at the weekend crop last weekend and got a couple things done. Not as much as I had hoped, but at least I got some things done! Here are a couple of the LO's I did, and I did an altered project, but you'll have to wait to see that as I don't have the pictures yet.

Well I need to get a couple things done now that the boys went to sleep!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its Wednesday!!

And you know what that means???? A NEW card challenge at the Paper Popsicles blog!! This week is a challenge to create a card based on the following:

Create a card using the following:

1. 2 different colors of cardstock (white and black are counted)
2. 1 patterned paper (can use front and back sides)
3. 2 types of embellishment(such as buttons, brads, flowers, etc.)
4. One piece of ribbon

I can't wait to give this one a try! I hope you join in the fun this week too! AND there is a blog candy challenge as well!!

YUM - a little BLOG CANDY!

Win the Bazzill In Stitch'z 8x8 Circles template and floss set! To be eligible you need to post on your blog the information about our Weekly Card Challenges, include our blinkie, and link your post to our blog. Remember to comment on this post so we can include you in the drawing!! Winner announced June 15!!!

And if you need the Blinkie just copy and paste this link to your blog.

href="http://s254.photobucket.com/albums/hh91/oetmel/?action=view¤t=I_heart_Blinkie-1.gif" target="_blank">

AND if you don't have enough reasons to enter this week I will also draw a winner next Wednesday for some blog candy as well!! All you have to do is complete the card challenge, become a follower of the Paper Popsicles blog, post the blinkie and card challenge info on your blog and leave me a comment with a link to the post on your blog. The more people to participate and leave me a comment the MORE I will add to blog candy!! It will start with this cute little mini album kit and Inque Boutique stamp! So make sure to get ALL your friends to participate too!!!

I just went outside to take a quick pic of the blog candy and what to my wondering eyes should be there???

Containing ALL these yummy treats from the Paper Popsicles store!! Let me tell you I just can't wait there's Bella Blvd, Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, Pink Paislee, Crate Paper, Jill Bean, 3 Bugs and MORE!!! I CAN'T WAIT to go play!!

Well I need to get some errands done today so I'm gonna go, but you NEED to go over to the Paper Popsicles blog and complete the challenges and enter to win!! In case you need www.paperpopsicles.blogspot.com

Valerie : )

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cards, Cards, Cards!!

Yup that is what I have been spending my time making lately! I have bought SOOO many new toys to create cards with lately! My newest addiction...err addition is Copic Sketch markers. ; ) I decided to buy a few when Hobby Lobby had them on sale LOVED them and then went for a few more when they were on sale last week. So now I guess I can give myself permission to save up enough money to buy a set now! I also bought some Shimmerz paint and some pretty embossing powder, but alas I "NEED" a Versamark marker to do what I would like to do! I guess I will have to go shopping again! LOL!!

So here is the card I made for the Paper Popsicles weekly card sketch. (Don't forget to get yours done today!)

And here are a couple cards I made while playing around with the Cheeky Radish images from Paper Popsicles. Have you tried them yet? If not what are you waiting for?? Just wait till you see my next creation with the images!

I had fun coloring with Copic Markers and using a technique with the blender pen to create a "furry" look on the bear. I also used Judykins Diamond Glaze to give the cherries that fresh look.

Don't worry as much fun as I have been having making cards doesn't mean LO's are taking a back seat! I will have some fun LO's coming soon I am waiting on a package full of fun new stuff from Paper Popsicles to arrive any day now! And this Friday and Saturday I will be in scrapping heaven as Hannah's is doing a Friday night into an ALL day Saturday crop that I will be attending! I plan to get LOTS done! Now I just need to order some new pics as I think its time for some new pics to work on! So expect a BIG post on Monday!


Thanks For Visiting!