Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'll figure this out yet!

I am still trying to figure out how this whole blogging thing works and I think I finally figured out how to have a slideshow of my work! I am definately learning as I go and its a WHOLE lot easier to do this at night once the little monkies are tucked in their beds!

So I really got rolling on Friday; the hubby was out and monkies in bed; I pulled out some pictures and I used a sketch from sketches-r-us and did my best pages yet! The pages called "snow fun" are the 2 I created! I am torn on using sketches or just doing my own designs. I have always done my own design and I felt in a rut, so I joined the Sketch Club at my FAVORITE LSS Hannah's and discovered sketches! It was hard at first for me to decide what to do, but once at home with ALL my materials and pictures I made the snow pages quickly and easily! SO we will see what I decide to do next.

Well I need to call it a night!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And So It Begins!

I have done it! I have taken that leap into cyberspace and created my own blog! I have been a "lurker" on other people's blogs for months now, and I finally decided to "just do it"! So welcome to anyone who reads and I will try to not be boring!

So I have to say that the internet is a SAHM's best friend and worst enemy all at the same time! I have been without a car this week as my husband's is in the shop, and well cabin fever and money made off E-Bay sent me on a cyber shopping spree yesterday! Sometimes I think I spend WAY MORE time shopping then I do scrappin' and I have decided I have to be better about that! I have TOO many pictures waiting to be scrapped and PILES of stash just waiting to be used! :) Though that did not stop me from buying MORE stash yesterday! I can't wait to get my goodies! One downside to internet shopping you have to WAIT!! I spend my days with almost 3 year old boys and wait is NOT in their vocabulary and it is rubbing off on me too!

And on that note I am going to feed the boys lunch and hopefully get some scrappin' done during their nap today! (Gotta LOVE naptime!)

TTFN (ta-ta for now!)

Thanks For Visiting!