Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dixie Pieces Blog Challenge

So on Dixie Pieces (LOVE DP great group of girls to chit chat with check it out!) there is a blog challenge today, to write something about yourself for every letter of the alphabet. It can be anything--something you love, something you hate, someone--anything. So let's see here I go.

A- always there for my family and friends

B- I LOVE babies!

C- I am very caring

D- I am dependable

E- I am a "e-" kind of person (e-mail,e-bay,ect...)

F- friendship is important to me

G- the only girl in my home - I also grew up with 4 brothers, No sisters, No girl cousins till '98!

H- I love to help

I- I can be indecisive

J- Joel, my hubby and Joseph my son

K- Kind

L- Loving

M-I am a mother

N- I am nurturing, Nicholas my other son

O- I am opinionated

P- I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator

Q- I can sometimes be quiet in a group of people I don't know

R- I am responsible

S- I can get pretty silly, Star bucks

T- I am truthful

U- I am understanding

V- Valerie

W- I am a loving wife


Y- Yum-O one of my favorite Rachel Ray sayings

Z- I LOVE going to the zoo! And a LOT of times I feel like my house is a zoo!

I did it! And it was easier that I thought! OK I haven't done anything with my new stuff yet as I have been working on challenges for Scrappy Girl Designs, so I will post one of my challenges. You had to use stitching around your pictures real or rub on and it had to be 2 pictures.

I had trouble at first with this one as I knew the pics and stitching I wanted to use, it was the paper that I struggled with. I finally decided to cut the baseballs out of the 1 sheet of paper and go from there. I used DCWV cardstock, ?? PP, K&Co rub-ons, scenic route brown letters, Doodle bug hopscotch black letters, and at the moment don't remember the star or journaling card.

Can I just say how HAPPY I was that at 5:30 p.m. today the sun was STILL OUT!!! Now if we could loose the snow and cold I'll be a happy girl!! :)

Well I better go make dinner!



Saturday, February 23, 2008


I had ANOTHER WONDERFUL FREE scrappy treat in the mailbox today!! I have gotten SO spoiled with FREE scrappy treats I will be sad on Monday when there is nothing! :( Today I received my random drawing Prize from the Dixie Pieces online crop last weekend.

I got this AWESOME 6x6 LOVE album from Secret Scrapper Products! Its REALLY cool and they have all kinds and they can custom make one for you too! Go check them out at!

I am now at the I want to do everything and I don't know what to do first point! I do have to go and see what happened to my Maya Road snowflakes as I sprayed them with Pearl Glimmer Mist last night hoping to give the "falling snow" look on each snowflake. So we shall see. I found another online crop this weekend at Scrappy Girl Designs so I am gonna try a few of their challenges this weekend too! The girl in charge has definitely come up with some different challenges! Go check them out and tell them I sent you! It says bring a friend!

Well my "sleep protesters" (who knew getting 3 yr olds to sleep in a bed would be such a CHORE!) sound like they have FINALLY fallen asleep so its off the "Scrappy Land" for me! :)


Friday, February 22, 2008

FUN in the mail today!!

Today was one of those mail days all Scrapper's look forward to! I went to the mailbox and there it was the magical key to open the REALLY big mailbox up!! :) I knew right away what that little key was about to unlock-one of my prizes from the Dixie Pieces online crop last weekend! (The best kind of scrapper's package FREE!) AHHH!!! There it was-but wait what happened?? My box looked as if it it had gotten into a fight with a MUCH bigger box and well LOST!!! :( Oh NO!!! The box I had patiently spent the last 5 days waiting for had arrived and well at this point I was VERY unsure if it was unharmed!

So after taking a few pics of the wreckage I quickly and nervously opened the box



Thankfully everything was unharmed and safe!!! :) I got an AWESOME kit from Dixie Pieces this was my Grand Prize and I had asked them to surprise me with which kit they sent, and well I must admit that I secretly hoped I would get this one!!! I think all along I was leaning toward this kit more but just couldn't make the final decision! I'm SOOO excited I can't wait for the boys to fall asleep so I can go down to the basement (my scrap dungeon) and play!! I will be putting off any other ideas I had for scrappin' till I have made the Maya Road snowflake coaster album that came in this kit!! Oh the wheels are turning!! Well happy Scrappin'! I'm off to play. To be continued...


Monday, February 18, 2008

AWESOME Weekend!

WOW!! What a weekend I had! My weekend was filled with LOTS of scrappn' and not a lot of sleep! (Which I am paying for dearly today!!) It started on friday night as Dixie Pieces started their AWESOME 24 hour online crop, which continued into the wee hours of the morning Saturday night! Saturday I went to a crop night at Archivers with my friend Robin, and had a FUN time as always! I was VERY sad as my LSS was suppose to have a 2-10 crop on Saturday, but they cancelled! :( So we went to Archiver's instead. (even though I am mad at Archiver's for closing the store by us, I REALLY wanted to crop so I caved!) I was impressed with myself as I was able to get 2 AWESOME pages done while I was there. I participated in some of the challenges on the Dixie Pieces crop and was lucky enough to win a couple prizes!! :) There was a RAK (random act of kindness) that my name was chosen for and I am getting an awesome LOVE mini book from Secret Scrapper Supplies!!! I can't wait to get it!! And then I was lucky enough to be the Grand Prize winner!!! I won a monthly kit from Dixie Pieces! I had a choice of 4 kits and well they were all SO AWESOME I just couldn't decide so I asked them to pick one and surprise me! So I can't wait to see what I get!! :)

Today I am getting a taste of what it would be like to have triplets! I am watching the daughter of one of my girlfriends. She is a little over a month older than the boys, so it is a house of 3 three year olds today! My boys are loving her as she has the same interest as them right now-the CARS movie! She is the "Prefect Woman" for a 3 year old! She can recite the lines of the movie, name all the cars, and even has her own cars! There is a cute scrapbook page coming from today's visit! Joseph is just SO in love with her it is SO cute! As I write the 3 of them are having a "nap time party" together. Hmmm...wait 2 boys and 1 girl??!! We just won't tell her Daddy! ;) LOL! The innocence of children!

Well here are 2 of my LO I made this weekend for the Dixie Pieces online crop challenges. The "Lucky x Two" page is also entered in the Back Porch Memories February contest.

"Silly" is made with Basic Grey 2 scoops line of paper and chipboard pieces, and "Lucky x Two" is cardstock, imagininsce PP, IM alpha's, Daisy D's buttons, IM glitter gumdrops, DCWV cardstock, Bazzill chipboard squares, MM flowers and rhinestone brad, MM ribbon, IM journaling card, and 7 gypsies stamp .



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Blues!!

It feels as if the winter is NEVER going to end this year!!! It is a pattern you don't even have to see the weather report snow, cold, snow, cold, snow....!!! I am SO in need of some warmer weather and the sun on a regular basis! We saw it today and it was SOOO nice!

Well I have to say I went this weekend in search of somewhere close to home to crop and had a VERY hard time finding somewhere to go! The first place was VERY small and the second place was bigger, but I am truely spoiled with my FAVORITE LSS Hannah's!! They have EVERYTHING!!! I found some different items at this place, but couldn't find some of the things I wanted! Hannah's NEEDS to have a crop space all the time! It was nice to get out and scrap as it gets VERY hard to do at home on the weekends. I completed a LO for Dixie Pieces Pre-Crop Challenge which I was glad it came together so easily! Dixie Pieces is having an online crop Friday onto Saturday this week! (15/16th) It looks to be LOADS of fun with LOTS of challenges, games and RAK's!! So stop on by there are some REALLY AWESOME prizes!! Here is my LO- Wish me luck!!



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow Go AWAY!!

We are enjoying yet again another gray, cold, SNOWY day here!! I guess the bright side could be that we don't have as much snow as they were predicting we would have by this time! And what we have right now I don't even know if it really is snow it looks like snow, but it sounds like freezing rain as it hits the windows! I am SOOOO done with winter!!

So I have entered my first layout contest it is with Back Porch Memories! They do a guest design team member of the month, you have to use a sketch that they select and if you win you get one of their monthly kits and get to be on their design team for one month! Its been a great opportunity for me to work with a sketch and push myself to do something I might not normally do! I REALLY love the way my page turned out! It is the one called SO Thankful in my slideshow.

Well I better get to cleaning my house that HAS to be clean by 9 AM tomorrow morning!


Friday, February 1, 2008

What a BUSY Week!!

I have been SOOOO busy my boys have just moved into their new "big boy" room complete with "big boy" beds and enough Thomas the tank engine stuff to make you puke Thomas the tank engine! But its REALLy cute!! I have been busy painting, hanging a border and getting everything just right for them! Its been fun! I picked up a great find at my LSS these awesome letters, I bought one for each boy's first initial and I am going to cover it with Thomas the tank engine paper and stickers and hang it over their bed! I can't wait to finish them!!

I spent ALL day last Saturday at my LSS Hannah's!! (My FAVORITE place to be!!) They have AWESOME crops twice a month, and I am SOOO sad I can't go tonight!! We have gotten a LOT of snow, but more so its because the boys started sleeping in their big boy beds and my hubby won't be able to handle getting them to sleep! :( Bad timing on my part!! If you're in the area of Northern IL Hannah's in Antioch is WELL worth the trip!! They do the first Friday of the month 6-12p.m and the third Saturday 2-10p.m and at $10.00 you can't go wrong!! They have food, give-aways, AWESOME sales on all the good stuff!! The staff and design team there are SOOO friendly and helpful! They ALWAYS make GREAT recomendations!! Ok now that I'm done ging on about the store! When I went there on Saturday I got the coolest product tattered Angels Glimmer Mist you can spray this on practically anything and make it shimmery and change teh color!!! LOVE IT!! I got only 2 pages done in my 8 hours on Saturday!! But I don't feel too bad as in my group of 4, 3 did 2 pages and 1 did 3 pages! There's SOOO much shopping to do and my mom came for the first time and she needed LOTS of help, but it was SOOO much fun!! Since that day I haven't gotten much else done 1 more page for a contest on Back Porch Memories. My days have been spent working on the boy's room!

Well my boys are bugging me to go play in the snow. We got about a foot of snow last night and everything is a mess! Let me tell you I am about to go find Old Man Winter and beat him with an icicle! This winter here has been the worst I can remember in a while!! If our high temp for the day isn't below zero we have SEVERAL inches of snow, or a combo of both!!! I HATE WINTER!!! How many more days till summer??


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