Monday, September 22, 2008

What a TERRIFIC Scrappy Day!!! : )

So Saturday morning I awoke to NO ONE in the house, checked my e-mails, got ready and went to scrap my little heart out ALL day long!!! : ) My scrappy pal and I went to Archiver's in Naperville, by the way the NICEST Archiver's I've been to! So we arrive just before 10 am and staked out our table and began our day! We had a NICE relaxing stress-free day! AAHHHH!!! We were SOOO happy to even just be able to shop without a 3 1/2 year old! I can't begin to tell you how that felt! My scrappy mojo wasn't flowing at first as I felt a migraine coming on, but I was determined not to let that stop me! I am happy to say after some lunch and shopping at Michael's and Joann's I was good! I'm sure the tylenol had NOTHING to do with it either! LOL!!

I am SOOOO proud of myself I FINALLY did the acrylic album I won from Sherry at Dixie Pieces a couple months ago! At first it was making my head hurt to have to do that much thinking about how to lay things out and what effect that would have on the look of the entire book, but once I got the hang of it I had a BLAST!!! I am actually VERY excited to do another one soon! I haven't decided if I want to do a haunted house like my buddy and I were discussing or if I want that adorable pumpkin at My Acrylic Albums! And if you look on their new blog they have the CUTEST idea for that book! So without further ado here it is!

I was on a roll after lunch, not ONLY did I do the acrylic album I ALSO did a 2 page LO!!! I will have to do my journaling and take a pic to share of that too!

Well I must say we had such a GOOD time Saturday and well we were pretty slap happy by the end of the night from ALL the sugar AND caffeine!! It was a miracle I could go to sleep that night, but the fact that by the end of the night I knew I was getting sick-I was exhausted!

I hope everyone has an AWESOME, TERRIFIC, FUN TO BE WITH scrappy friend and I hope you get to go out and have fun like we did every once in a while!

Well TFL and have a GREAT night!


Marci Knecht said...

Wow! This is fantastic Val, I can't believe this is your first acrylic album!

I love seeing pics of your house, what a nice place. Love your fireplace ;)

Lisa Turley said...

You did a beautiful job on your acrylic album!! :)

Tracy Lathrop said...

Val, this turned out GORGEOUS!!!! You totally rocked clear first time out!!!

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