Friday, February 1, 2008

What a BUSY Week!!

I have been SOOOO busy my boys have just moved into their new "big boy" room complete with "big boy" beds and enough Thomas the tank engine stuff to make you puke Thomas the tank engine! But its REALLy cute!! I have been busy painting, hanging a border and getting everything just right for them! Its been fun! I picked up a great find at my LSS these awesome letters, I bought one for each boy's first initial and I am going to cover it with Thomas the tank engine paper and stickers and hang it over their bed! I can't wait to finish them!!

I spent ALL day last Saturday at my LSS Hannah's!! (My FAVORITE place to be!!) They have AWESOME crops twice a month, and I am SOOO sad I can't go tonight!! We have gotten a LOT of snow, but more so its because the boys started sleeping in their big boy beds and my hubby won't be able to handle getting them to sleep! :( Bad timing on my part!! If you're in the area of Northern IL Hannah's in Antioch is WELL worth the trip!! They do the first Friday of the month 6-12p.m and the third Saturday 2-10p.m and at $10.00 you can't go wrong!! They have food, give-aways, AWESOME sales on all the good stuff!! The staff and design team there are SOOO friendly and helpful! They ALWAYS make GREAT recomendations!! Ok now that I'm done ging on about the store! When I went there on Saturday I got the coolest product tattered Angels Glimmer Mist you can spray this on practically anything and make it shimmery and change teh color!!! LOVE IT!! I got only 2 pages done in my 8 hours on Saturday!! But I don't feel too bad as in my group of 4, 3 did 2 pages and 1 did 3 pages! There's SOOO much shopping to do and my mom came for the first time and she needed LOTS of help, but it was SOOO much fun!! Since that day I haven't gotten much else done 1 more page for a contest on Back Porch Memories. My days have been spent working on the boy's room!

Well my boys are bugging me to go play in the snow. We got about a foot of snow last night and everything is a mess! Let me tell you I am about to go find Old Man Winter and beat him with an icicle! This winter here has been the worst I can remember in a while!! If our high temp for the day isn't below zero we have SEVERAL inches of snow, or a combo of both!!! I HATE WINTER!!! How many more days till summer??


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