Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Back!!!

I know I have fallen off the net for a while! I had to get through a week of DH being home and then last week was spent running errands and CLEANING from top to bottom for the boy's birthday party! I just had SOOO much to do! I just briefly would check my e-mail and quickly glance at the message boards and once in a while leave a quick post! So now things have quieted down and I can return to scrappin' and chattin'! I just have to get through a kid's play date Saturday and Easter, and then I will REALLY have peace and quiet!

So I managed to get through close to 40 people in my house (that is NOT that big!) and all seemed to go well! The boy's had a blast and got some really nice presents! Their favorite may be a tie between the tricycle & helmet and a CARS shirt! They got some summer clothes and some $$ and gift cards so we will be hitting the mall to use those to complete their summer wardrobe! Here are a couple pics of the b-day party!

Yes Joseph fell and has a scratched up face just in time for his birthday! On Thursday we had come home to unload groceries and then get back in the car to go to some more stores and when we were getting ready to leave again they both went running down the driveway and well being SOOOO tired due to no nap Joseph tripped somehow and fell on his face!! At first it didn't look bad at all, but within a couple seconds his nose and everything started bleeding! I was SO afraid he broke his nose! But thankfully he didn't!

We took the boys on Friday night their actual birthday to Chili's for dinner. (their choice) They had a GREAT time being able to eat all kinds of fun things and get whatever they wanted to drink with dinner and then the evening was topped off with a birthday sundae!

Well on a scrappy note I finally finished the letters I bought back in January for the boys room! I really had fun doing those! Here are some pics and some pics of their big boy room!

Well I should get a few more things done so I can get to scrappin' later!! I only have 100's of pics waiting for me!! :) Oh yeah I finally cleaned and organized my dungeon space, so when I get down there later I will take some pics to post of my space! And one final note I had mentioned I took the leap and applied for a DT with Scrappy Girl Designs and as I suspected I did not make the DT. Maybe one day I will make one!



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Marci Knecht said...

My girls have had that "fall on their face" moment and its scary, so I know how you felt! He doesn't look any the worse for wear though : )

I love the letters, you did a great job on them!

Don't sweat the SGD DT, I applied for that team last year around this time - it was my first ever submit and I wasn't chosen. Look whats happened to me since. You'll make a team when the time (and the team)is right.

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