Monday, March 3, 2008

These are the days!!!

I have been having SOO much fun with the boys lately, they are at that fun age where they REALLY get into things! We went to Toys R Us on Thursday to look at tricycles for their birthday and they had a blast trying to ride them around the bike section of the store! We had nothing else to do that day so we spent HOURS walking up and down EVERY aisle looking at all the toys and talking and just having a GREAT time together! I can't even begin to describe how much fun I had with them! After Toys R Us we went next door to Party City to decide on a theme for their party, and well they had a hard time, they REALLY want Little Einsteins and I am NOT finding that in any stores! I have found it on E-Bay and online stores, but I have less than 2 weeks and there has GOT to be a store that carries it!!!!

Saturday Joseph pooped on the potty for the first time and his reward was ice cream so we went to Culver's for dinner followed by our favorite yummy frozen custard!! Mmmmmm!!! :) They were good for the most part and just acting So much more grown up!

Sunday we went to get the boy's haircuts and then we had Taco Bell for lunch. Well I feel SOOO bad for the poor ladies who had to cut their hair! Neither of them sat very well and as a result we have some lopsided shorter than I wanted haircuts! As a bribery tactic DH gave them a lollipop!! Their first one ever! I am the mom who tries to keep as much of that unnecessary junk away from them as possible, and well add another thing Daddy gave them when I said no. They were definitely cute with them! They called them "chalk"!! :) I got some cute pics and can't wait to make some pages! The "chalks" sit unfinished on a plate as neither one wants it to be gone!

My DH is on vacation this week and today we took the boys to the Museum to see dinosaurs (big hit these days)! Well it was an absolute hit with the boys! It was SOOO much fun with them, and SOOO neat to see how they are growing up. Time flies SOO fast I can't believe we are days away from their 3rd birthday!!

Well I can't wait to get back to scrappin' as I have SOOO many new pics to use! I can't wait for Friday night as Hannah's is having their monthly crop and a Friskateer is coming to do demos and ALL kinds of fun stuff!! Word is there are a couple spots left so if you are anywhere near Antioch IL you HAVE to come!! Hannah's crops are the BEST!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hannah's!! And you get AWESOME discounts too!

And finally speaking of scrappin' I tried out for the first time for a Design Team! I still can't believe I actually did it! I tried out for Scrappy Girl Designs and well we should hear on Friday! I also just found out I won a $10.00 gift certificate to their store from their cybercrop 2 weeks ago! I am SOO excited to get some fun goodies from there!

Well off to my chores!



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Tracy Lathrop said...

You go Girl!!! Trying out for your first Design Team is a big step and is always a little scary. I think you can do it and then some!!

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