Monday, April 21, 2008


I have been busy, sick, tired and well just a BAD blogger!!! Sorry!
So let's see what has been going on... well I tried out for another Design team and didn't get picked, tried out for a Guest Design Team and didn't get picked (which I think mine REALLY was the best), notice a trend here? April crops at my FAVORITE LSS cancelled! So REALLY not too much exciting to share! I am excited about my new Cricut cartridge I bought, and I got a raincheck for another one, when Michael's had their AWESOME sale!!! But then I got sick and haven't had the energy to scrap, so I haven't used it yet!!! Gee I'm depressed reading about my last month!

Ok on to better things! The weather has FINALLY started to get better here and I have been enjoying open windows, and spending LOTS of time outside! The boys are in heaven as they get to run around and have a good old time outside and see all of their friends daily again!

What a difference the second day of Spring to this last week!

And now for a little scrappy eye candy....

And now that the boys are actually taking a nap and I have some energy I'm going to create some new masterpieces! :)


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