Monday, March 30, 2009

I CAN'T believe.... SNOWED this weekend!!! Well living in Chicago I can ACTUALLY believe it, but I was REALLY hoping it was done! The hawks came back to the neighborhood, the frogs started croaking again, the robins are back, the tulips are growing, the grass is starting to turn green ALL signs were pointing to Spring being here for good! Instead this is what I woke up to yesterday!!!

ARGH!!! Oh well! Its in the 50's today and it is melting pretty fast!

So I have a new "addiction"!!! YUP stamps and Prisma watercolor pencils and I am sure Copic Markers as well soon too!!! I used some 50% off coupons this weekend and bought a small set of the pencils and some adorable stamps and I have been having SOOO much fun stamping away!! Here are my first attempts. It is fun to experiment and see how coloring different ways gives you different effects! Oh am I in trouble now!! LOL!!

Well TTFN!

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Marci Knecht said...

What? We didn't get any snow here at all....not a single flake. That's CRAZY!!!!

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