Thursday, March 19, 2009

I know, I know...

I have been a bad girl and neglecting my blog AGAIN!!! Life has been busy and well I just haven't felt inspired to blog! But I am back in the blogging mood so watch out!! LOL!!

In the scrapping world I have a few exciting things I am working on and hopefully I will have some exciting news to share soon! I have a couple LO's I can share, but most of what I have right now can't be shown yet. I went with my friend Robin to Craft Fancy and did a little scrappy shopping while there, oh and did I forget to mention her parents were SOOO NICE and kept our boys so we could shop without children!!! : ) Yeah they ROCK!!! It was SOOO nice to shop without the boys!! I have been working on cards lately and REALLY like the look of cards that are stamped and colored in with Copic markers or watercolor pencils, so I bought a stamp yesterday and I am planning another trip to get some watercolor pencils and maybe a couple more stamps! There are some really STINKIN CUTE stamps and GREAT ideas of ways to use them! It looks like I may have another addiction!! LOL!!! So here are a couple LO's I did for the Dixie Pieces crop at the begining of the month.

So in other news I just got done having 2 birthday parties for the boys this past weekend!! I still can't believe I was crazy enough to have one party right after the other!! But the boys had a GREAT time! I CAN'T believe that they are 4 already!!! Time really flies!! Here are a couple pics from the birthday celebrations. One thing I don't like about their birthday parties is I am always busy and I don't have the opportunity to take my own pictures so I have to rely on someone else to use my camera and take pics for me! I am GRATEFUL for great friends to take pics for me, but I am sad I don't have the chance to take my own pics! Oh well!

Joseph trying to find some more candy left in the pinata!

And what does the garbage look like after 2 parties????

And that wasn't ALL the garbage!!! LOL!!!

Well we had a couple REALLY warm days here lately so the boys and I went with Robin and her son to the zoo and had a BLAST together!! Here are a few pics form our trip. We also got to hear the lion roar several times!! It was SOO exciting!! I LOVE the zoo!

This guy found a sippy cup that was dropped in their display and was walking around with it! He was even running around with the sippy cup hanging from his mouth! I informed a zoo worker so I hope they were able to get it away from him amd the baboon was OK!

This is Josh and Joseph!

Well I better feed the boys their lunch and get on with my day! And NO I STILL can't get my blog all pretty looking!!! ARGH!!! I will have to sit down again and try it one more time!!



Marci Knecht said...

Okay, I'm intrigued about all these layouts that you can't share.....

I'm hooked on making cards with stamps now too, its crazy. I'm loving all the layouts you've been posting lately - you've come such a long way in the past few months ;)

JoanneK said...

Wonderful pages!!!!Your guys are so cute!

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