Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PROUD Mama!!!

On Tuesday night the boys had their very first T-Ball game, and I just had to share some of the special moments of the game!

Here is Joseph in the Pitcher position, and well he was doing it at his own pace and at one point that stinker picked up dirt and pitched dirt!

Here is Nicholas at the end of the game-he played right field the last inning and he was all ready to be part of the action.Well there was NO action for him! He was patient at first waiting and waiting, but eventually when the ball was hit and not coming in that direction he would pout, stomp his feet, cross his arms,"humph!", and finally turned around in disgust. Poor guy he just wanted to be in on the action!
Here he is in the second inning playing short stop and SO happy to be in on the action! It was funny he would run all over the infield to get to the ball! And when Joseph played in the field he found playing in the dirt to be more fun than paying attention to the action!
Here Joseph is posing for pictures before the game. I think he likes being the model best! LOL!
And here is Nicholas ready for the game to start!

After the game was over the coach brought all the kids in the dug out and they talked about the game and the things the kids did right during the game. The coach mention good plays that kids made and then he said that every game he is going to give a game ball to the player who hustled the hardest, paid attention and gave it his all. He then said this player was hustling hard in the field, backed up other players and had the position of last batter for the day (at this point I realized who it was and was trying to pull the camera out of my purse again) Nicholas! At this he was jumping up and down with a smile from ear to ear on his face-it was PRICELESS, and I missed getting a picture! : ( But here he is afterward with his game ball. I don't think the smile has left his face yet! His coach said that he gave the best reaction ever to receiving the game ball! My little guys are growing up SO quick! I can't believe we are playing baseball! I am SOOO happy that their coach is AWESOME! He really gives it his all and works hard with these kids to teach them the proper things as well as keep it fun and positive for them! Thanks coach Graves!



Melissa said...

Awwwww what a great story! You should be beaming as a proud Mama!

Melissa said...

That is a good story!! Your boys are very handsome...growing up quickly.

Southern Moments said...

Awwwwe what awesome pics!!

Joanie said...

OMG they are so darn cute!!!!!!

Gwen said...

Great Pics! Those boys are growing up and are cuter than ever!

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