Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Knock, Knock!

So on Saturday morning while the boys were watching cartoons and dh was sleeping in I was sitting at the computer when all of a sudden I heard this tapping sound. It was a sound I had never heard before and had NO idea what it could be! As I turned in my chair to get up I glanced at the playroom window and there I saw......

It was the cutest thing he was looking right at me and would tap his beak on the window as to say let me in! I was lucky enough to have my camera sitting on the computer desk so I picked it up and was able to get some pics of my visitor. He hung out on my house for a few minutes, he was not scared when I walked up to the window and made me wonder if he had gotten out of someones house???

I know I had seen these birds wild in the neighborhood so I wasn't too worried when he flew off. Later on I was telling my sons and dh the story and dh looked at me like I was crazy and guess what? Not even two minutes later I looked at the front room window-right where dh was sitting and he was back!! It really was the strangest thing as I had NEVER seen a wild bird come on a window like that!! So I now plan to scrap this event, and I guess I will break down and buy some scrappy stuff with that darn trendy bird!! I'm not a fan of the bird trend, but how can I NOT use it to make this page??

So the weather is here is SOOO DRASTICALLY different than it was at this time last year!! I had my flowers planted by now, the lilacs had bloomed and gone by now, and the boys were playing in the pool!! This year I don't have plants yet, the Lilacs have NOT bloomed yet (I am happy about that!) and the thought of going in a pool outside sends chills down my bones! We have been stuck in the 60's with a COLD North wind, and at night it gets down into the 40's!! HURRY UP SUMMER!!!

Well I better go, I've got a million things to get done!



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