Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things are improving

So surgery was LONG and LATE last night I finally got home from the hospital at 2:10 am!! He ended up needing surgery and do to the fact he has a urine bag the surgery was harder, it was also harder as he is on a chemo drug for Leukemia and the drug has turned his insides into fused together mush!! The Dr is VERY concerned and wants to take him off the drug. They also found a mass in his testicle that they are unsure if it is new or not and it was too late to get a hold of his cancer Dr to find out. So today all of his Drs will be getting together to discuss what to do next. On the positive side the tumor was soft so the Dr doesn't think it was cancer and if it is it will be in the EXTREMELY early stage. He has a bag for 8 weeks and then they will hopefully be able to put his colon back together. It was VERY sad and scary last night when we finally got to see him he looked SOOO bad and was on a ventilator and all kinds of tubes and hook-ups!! He wasn't doing good so they sedated him while we were there and kept him sedated through the night. THANKFULLY he was able to come off the ventilator this morning and is no longer sedated and is in good spirits!! I will be going to the hospital in a couple hours to see him. Now hopefully we continue to get good news and he continues to improve and comes home soon! He is in the surgical intensive care unit, but there is talk of moving him to a regular room, so that is good too! Thank you for all your kind words and prayers and I will keep you posted with more info when I know more.

You know when it rains it of my VERY close friends told me today her grandpa died the other day and one of her friend's grandpa died as well!! Too weird! And my husband's friend's mom was having the surgery to reconnect her colon yesterday as well. Enough bad news!!! The black rain cloud needs to leave!!! There are several people from MB's who have tragedy/sickness in their life as well. Its VERY sad and its time for some good news for a change!

Blessings to everyone and warm wishes!
Thank You for your thoughts and prayers!

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