Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Please keep my grandpa in your thoughts and prayers today!

My grandfather is close to 80 years old and he is going in to have a tumor removed from his colon today. The tumor initially tested cancer free, but it is SO BIG that they have to test the other side of it after it is removed. The tumor is also half inside the colon and half outside, so they won't know till they start if it can be done with lasers or if they have to totally open him up and do major surgery. Its scary not knowing and he had bladder cancer about 20 years ago and has been fine since. So please just keep him in your prayers today as I have a bad feeling about this. Thank you!

Here are my grandparents last December at our family's annual trip downtown to Macy's on State Street to see Santa and have lunch in the Walnut Room.



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