Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waiting HAS to be the HARDEST part!!!

So after a CRAZY Friday and Saturday morning I FINALLY made it up to Hannah's to vote for myself, use my coupons and get a couple things I needed. And let's just say I was MORTIFIED after my trip!!! ***Background info Friday morning we were in the car from 7:30 a.m.-12:00 noon, and then had lunch got dressed and were out the door by 12:45 to go to T-Ball and then we were going to go up to Hannah's, but had to pick dh up from work, and I was NOT going to be late for that!! So at 4:40 I had to wake them up from their nap to spend from 4:50-8:00 p.m. out and about again, but mostly sitting in the car!! Saturday morning was woken up early again to spend time in the car again, go sit in the DMV for over an hour, and then sit in the car for a ride up to Hannah's! Joseph was finally smart enough and fell asleep in the car, and Nicholas refused to!*** Back to being mortified! I had to wake Joseph up to bring him into Hannah's and he was NOT thrilled about that! We walk into Hannah's and him waking up and realizing where he was SCREAMS LOUDLY "I don't want to go in this store!! Its yucky!!" And proceeds to run away from me! Well EVERYONE in the ENTIRE store is now looking at me! I say to him "I know you're tired and didn't want to be woken up. I'm sorry, but mommy has to do a couple things her and then we will go home. Would you like a snack and juice?" "NO I WANT TO GO HOME!!" So as I pick him up and put him in the shopping cart seat Nicholas now begins to scream because he wanted to sit in the seat, and now Joseph screams again saying he wants juice and a snack now! I wanted to just crawl under a rock at this point! So juice and snacks for all and I hurry and grab my "Page Maps" book and then go on a mission for what I need in the store. Well we were doing OK the usual stuff, and then they needed to go potty, so we go to the back of the store get out and go do our business. Well when we go to get back in the shopping cart I suggest they switch since Nick started complaining about it. BIG MISTAKE Joseph now begins screaming the LOUDEST he could, and began hitting me!! One of the girls who works there and remembered them from last time came over and started talking to him, he quieted down and I was able to go vote, get a couple things-forget an item I wanted to get! I forgot I wanted to take a picture of the display with my entry! We get into the check out line and the melt down begins AGAIN!! I was SO distracted by this whole event, the cashier seemed urked by it and she wouldn't punch my punch card for me saying I already got a discount once. I didn't think nor did I argue as I wanted out as badly as she wanted me out! But the ride home I thought about it and I bought things NOT on sale I should have got punches for! ARGH!!

So on to the waiting! Today was the last day for voting at Hannah's, so now its a waiting game to hear the results! There were a couple layouts that were REALLY good and 1 that I would have chosen over mine! So we shall see! My mom cracks me up as she was TOTALLY critiquing mine compared to others and she is SOOO new to this!! It is what it is with this and you just don't know what people are going to pick! I hope I hear something tomorrow, but I'm not sure. Stayed tuned for more details!

Exciting news!! My last LO I posted below was picked on the Dixie Pieces website as LO of the week!!! That was VERY EXCITING!! Oh speaking of Dixie Pieces it was just announced that the weekend of August 1st they will be having another online crop ALL weekend LONG!!! SO mark your calendars that was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Make sure you come over and play along!

I have a couple new LO's to post, but I can't find the pics at this moment, so I have to post again either tomorrow or Tuesday with the pics!

Well I am falling asleep here!

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Marci Knecht said...

Well you got my vote, my girls and Charla, so you know that you at least got 5!

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