Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sorry I was at the zoo all day with the boys and my girlfriend and her little one, so there was no MUST HAVE yesterday. So today I will give you 2 MUST HAVES instead of 1!

MUST HAVE company #2 Maya Road!

I am a HUGE fan of Glimmer Mists, but Maya Mists have me wrapped around their little spray bottle! The way they spray evenly and cover evenly is INCREDIBLE! They have 8 base colors coming out and 3 metallic colors. These differ from Glimmer Mist as you can have a solid non sparkly color with the base colors, or you can add a metallic color as well and add the sparkle. The colors are VERY intense with just a light spray and the metallic colors are VERY sparkly! The possibilities are endless for how you can layer colors and metallics and create exciting colors. The only downside is they are water based not alcohol based (like Glimmer Mists) and therefore you can't use them on acrylic like Glimmer Mists. Glimmer Mists also has SOOO many colors to choose from right now, but I am sure as the popularity of Maya Mists grows so to will the color choices! Here are the projects I did using the Maya Mists at CHA, oh yeah the Maya Mists also dried VERY quickly! This is one product you DON'T want to miss!

Another Maya Road goodie that is coming out is the sheer calender album! VERY cool item you get 12 5.4"x5.0" pages on a ring. The ideas are running through my head on the things I can make with that little "cutie"! You can choose white and black or cream and brown sheets. They also have some SUPER adorable cupcake shapes coming out, AWESOME new stamps, YUMMY flowers, and for mom's of train obsessed boys a SUPER COOL chipboard train accordion album! Here's a link to their summer CHA catalog!

MUST HAVE company #3 Basic Grey

Oh what can I say?!! The new lines are yummy!! The new chipboard is AWESOME!! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Their chipboard letters now come in white and 2 shades of brown. And as always it is sticker chipboard-GREATEST idea EVER!! I used their rub-ons in the make and take and all I can say is they made me fall in love with rub-ons once again! : ) They went on like butta! Just the LIGHTEST of pressure and ta-da they were on! I CAN'T wait to get my hands on all their new goodies!! Here is a small preview, for more go to

Well that's enough fun for one day! Till tomorrow!

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Marci Knecht said...

Oh ya! I want every single thing you listed now. I didn't try the Maya Mists because I thought they'd be like Glimmer Mist so I'm glad that you tried them!

Hey, have you heard about "Craft Fancy", the new store in Arlington Heights? Its supposed to be awesome. They're having a crop coming up, we should go :)

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