Monday, July 28, 2008

You know its gonna be a bad day when...

You wake up and see this!!!!

Yes I just wanted to run away!! FAR AWAY!!! My darling sons woke up and decided to quietly go into their playroom, find some dry erase markers and create masterpieces! I was SOOOO angry I couldn't say anything! So now add to the LONG list of errands I had to run find something to get that marker off the wall! All I could think of was what my husband would say and then the thought of painting that room in the heat and humidity! Well I had 1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and I tried that on the wall and the blue was starting to come off, so I thought there may be some hope. I spent my ENTIRE evening in there scrubbing the wall with Soft Scrub with Bleach and Mr. Clean Dual Scrubber Magic Erasers! How I didn't kill my self from mixing cleaners is beyond me, but I DID get ALL the marker off the wall!! It took 6 Magic Erasers and 1/2 big bottle of Soft Scrub!! So needless to say I was a little too busy to post a MUST HAVE on Friday!

On Saturday my town had a parade and festival that we went to and had LOTS of fun! The boys were SOO cute! We sat at the very end of the parade and it wasn't crowded so I let them have a little more freedom than I normally would to go get some candy on their own, and they thought it was GREAT to be so grown-up! Later on we went to the festival thinking it would be a fun little festival, but there really wasn't anything for the boys to do, so we had some pizza and went home to go to the drive-in! The drive-in is SOOO AWESOME!!! We put the boys in their pj's and bring their blankies and they have a little snack and by the time the movie starts they about ready to fall asleep! By a 1/2 hr into the movie they were out cold! Its funny as a teenager you go to the drive-in to make out, and as a parent you go to have a night out without having to worry about getting a sitter! Here is a pic from the parade.

Sunday was another busy and fun day for our family as well! We took the boys to the Lake County fair with my brother and his girlfriend. It was fun, I would have liked to stay longer and see more things, but dh had enough walking around and well it just really wasn't his thing. We did see some of the animals which the boys just LOVED!! We also visited the fire department where the boys were able to try on kid sized fire equipment-which they LOVED too! They got to take a pony ride which they LOVED!! We watched a little of the demolition derby (the boys LOVE to crash cars), but it wasn't the same as it used to be, and well there wasn't a whole lot of crashing going on! :( Then to end our day dh won each of the boys a Tweety stuffed animal by throwing darts into the star on Tweety's belly. Here are a few pics form our fun at the fair!

So that was ANOTHER weekend gone SOO QUICKLY!! This summer is just flying by too quick! Stayed tuned tomorrow and I will post my final CHA MUST HAVES! I have another busy week coming up and a busy weekend as well! (which includes scrapping at Hannah's!!) I haven't scrapped in a while and I NEED to scrap!!

Well TFL!


Marci Knecht said...

OMG! Are you kidding me - faint -

I think I'd start crying if my girls did that. Yikes! Looks like you had fun at the fair, great pics. Have fun cropping - don't forget to print off the challenges and take them with you, we have some really REALLY great prizes this time around.

Anonymous said...

Oh MY, your walls brought back LOTS of memories!!! My boys would get into more trouble before I would wake up. It is amazing they are sill alive, LOL, since they were to little to know what was dangerous and what wasn't. We even tried to put alarms on their bedroom doors so we would know when they got up and left their room. They quickly figured out a way around even that. SIGH...they are both grown and in the military now. I wish I had taken pictures back then. They would be so much fun to look at with them now, lol. Have fun scrapping these memories!

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