Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 Days left till...

Are you ready???!!! It is going to be SOOO much fun!! And I have seen some of the lovely eye candy coming your way and let me just say you will NOT be disappointed! ; ) So be at the Paper Popsicles blog THIS Saturday and Sunday to get the details!

Here is your Wednesday card sketch a day late. Sorry I will explain where I was in a minute.

And here is mine from last week's sketch.

So I was MIA ALL day yesterday because I went to the DuPage Children's Museum with a couple girlfriends and their sons. It was quite the experience and I must say I prefer the Navy Pier children's museum MUCH better. I only hope when they move the Navy Pier children's museum they keep it the same way and don't go to the open floor plan like the DuPage one. So anyhow after our adventurous day I came home and then went to work. It was weird to work a weeknight again I haven't worked weeknights since January, but dh's overtime ended so I am able to work week nights again. So here are a couple cute pics from our adventure yesterday!

This picture makes me laugh as Joseph LOVES tools and construction and when he saw the real tools and wood to use he wanted to do it SOOOO BAD!! The drool was just flowing from his mouth! LOL!! Unfortunately it was SOOO crowded in there and I was out numbered 2:1 and it needed to be 1:1 to go in the wood working area.

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