Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ain't that the way it ALWAYS goes??!!

So knock on wood we have been really healthy here and illness free for a long time. So today the FIRST day we have REAL summer weather what do I get to do with my day?? Sit in the Dr's office! ARGH!! We had to wait a LONG time to see the Dr which is not normal for our Dr, and then once we saw her she said she wanted to run a strep test so we had to wait again for the results of that-negative, then we had to wait AGAIN for the results from the flu test-negative. So its good he doesn't have any of those things, but he still has a high fever and says his throat hurts really bad! : ( Doc says its viral unless some other symptoms develop and we just have to wait it out! So my poor freezing baby came home put his jammies on and took a nap. And he cried a couple times during nap and I went up to check on him and it was reminiscent of when he was a baby and...that was just him poor baby! He doesn't like to sleep with a pillow and he sounds like he is draining and choking on it. So any how my little trooper he doesn't feel good and he got to spend the day like this

And would get up to play a little bit every so often.

So I need to get back to ordering my online pics before my credits expire! And hopefully tomorrow my little guy will be feeling better so we can finish up our Father's Day things we need to do!

Well I better finish up and get to bed in case its a long one again!


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