Sunday, June 28, 2009

Has Anyone Seen...

my mojo???? I FINALLY had a chance to go scrapping last night with my friend and what happens????? My mojo was SOOOOO FAR away I just couldn't find it!! : ( And of course as I expected as the night came to a close I FINALLY started to find the mojo! So my night out that was suppose to be VERY productive enfed up beng NOT productive!! I was SO disappointed, but regardless it was a FUN night out, and Robin it ALL comes back to the .....! LOL!!

I worked all day and then took the boys outside when I got home and it was WAY TOO windy to take pics so you'll have to wait to see my latest! ; )

Well have a good one, and DON'T forget the end of the month is QUICKLY coming so get your challenges done and posted! Good Luck!


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